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TalkerNet.Net's TalkerConnect is a java based telnet that allows you to connect to the talker of your choice.
Oct. 18 2007: Another update... I've removed five and updated two.

Feb. 7 2007: Ok, so it's been a few years since I've cleaned this up. There were 79 talkers on the list... that's only an increase of 13 since my last edit in 2003. I removed 36... leaving us with 43. Holy shit... that's not even enough to fill the TalkerConnect screen.

Nov. 24 2003: Wow, exactly 2 years since the last list maintenance was peformed.. what are the chances? Anywho, I have cut 37 talkers from the list. There were 103 and now there are 66. If yours was cut and shouldn't have been, you know the drill.

Nov. 24 2001: I have cut 34 talkers from the list, there were 97 and now there are 63. If yours was cut accidently please feel free to add it back :)
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